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Sitopaladi Churna – Effective Cough Relief

Sitopaladi churna is an effective ayurvedic medicine for treating respiratory diseases, digestive issues, and allergic disorders. The main function of this churna is to restore lung capacity, improve pulmonary performance and boost immunity.

Sitopaladi churna is a traditional ayurvedic remedy for respiratory diseases like cough, asthma, tonsillitis, loss of appetite, indigestion, chronic fever, sore throat, throat irritation, and tuberculosis. Imbued with bioactive herbal ingredients, it acts as an expectorant and helps the body to get rid of mucus and phlegm deposits.

  • Sitopaladi Churna comprises mishri, vankshalochana, (white part of the bamboo tree) pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. All these ingredients taken in the right proportion are dried and powdered into a churna.
  • Sitopaladi is an amazing immunomodulator and a super-effective churna that leverages the power of five compounds. While pepper and cinnamon function as bio-enhancers, Cardamom is loaded with antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mishri has the potential to balance Kapha and vata doshas and Vankshalochana contains a host of plant compounds that have healing properties.

Reference of Sitopaladi Churna

सितोपलां तुगाक्षिरीं पिप्पलीं बहुलां त्वचम् |
अनत्यातुर्ध्वा द्विगुणितम् लेहायेत्माधुसर्पिषा ||
चुर्णितम् प्रशायेद्वा तच्छ्वासकासकफातुरम् |
सुप्तजिव्हाअरोचकिनमल्पाग्नी पार्श्वंशुलिनम् ||
(च.चि.८ .१०३-१०४ )

Healing benefits of Sitopaladi Churna

Respiratory Health
Sitopaladi churna is used widely in traditional medicine to cure fever linked with flu, chest congestion, and other respiratory problems like pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. This expectorant loosens the phlegm and the anti-inflammatory property treats respiratory diseases. Furthermore, it has a potent ability to soothe a cough.

Prevent Allergies
It is a natural way to treat allergies. Evidence shows that antihistaminic properties in sitopaladi churna inhibit the release of inflammatory mediators and control various allergy symptoms.

Promotes Digestion
Highly valued for handling various digestive problems, Sitopaladi churna promotes digestion, appetite, and clears out toxins from the system. In addition, the carminative properties may handle digestive problems like gas and bloating.

Sitopaladi Churna

Fights Inflammation
The potent antioxidant properties in sitopaladi churna benefit in fighting against chronic inflammation. Several studies also show that sitopaladi churna is the best way to boost your overall health and well-being.

Treats Anemia
The host of ingredients in it is an excellent blend of minerals that is effective in improving the hemoglobin levels. Regular intake of churna helps in overcoming fatigue, irritability and lack of energy. Evidence proves that amazing formulations have the ability to promote the absorption of iron by the body. 

Evades Infections
The potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of Sitopaladi churna are extensively used to remove bacteria from the body. The bioactive compounds present in this traditional herbal formulation not only treats wounds and improves healing but also immunizes the body against a host of viral and bacterial infections.

Effect on doshas

It has a Madhura (i.e. sweet taste) and Katu Rasa (i.e. bitter taste) and balances the Vata (i.e. air) and Pitta (i.e. fire and air) Doshas and effectively removes the AMA doshas (i.e. harmful toxins) from the body.


  • Adults: 1 gm to 2 gm per day
  • Children: 250 mg to 500 mg per day
  • For Dry Cough: You can take 2 grams of sitopaladi churna mixed with 5 ml of ghee or 2 teaspoons of honey or as suggested by your doctor.
  • For Wet/ Productive Cough: You can take 2 grams of sitopaladi churna mixed with 1 gram of licorice powder or 2 teaspoons of honey or as suggested by your doctor.

Ingredients of Sitopaldi Churna

  1. Mishri (crystallised sugar lumps) -160 grams
  2. Vanshlochan (white part of the bamboo tree-loaded with silica) – 80 grams
  3. Elaichi (Cardamom, endowed with a host of polyphenols and antioxidants.) – 40 grams
  4. Dalchini (Cinnamon, endowed with a host of polyphenols and antioxidants.) –20 grams
  5. Pippali (Long Pepper, active compound piperine) – 10 grams

Method of Preparation

Blend all the dried ingredients into a fine powder, sieve to remove any impurities, and store the mixture in an airtight container.

Mode of Action

The key ingredients in sitopaladi churna work as a potent immunomodulator. Pippali and cinnamon act as bio-enhancers, while cardamom exhibits strong antioxidant characteristics by increasing glutathione. As per Ayurveda mishri has strengthening power calms Vatta and Kapha Doshas and promotes Pitta dosha.

Immunity Booster
This powerful ayurvedic formulation holds a significant role in strengthening the immune system and fighting against harmful pathogens. Several pieces of evidence have shown that it is the best way to boost overall health and well-being.

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