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Vaisheshika Darshana and Ayurveda

Vaisheshika Darshana is one among the Astika Darshana, propounded by Maharshi Kanada. It is also known as Aulukya Darshana, Samana Tantra, Samana Nyaya, Kalpa Nyaya. He highlighted the description of “Vishesha” of Shat Padartha (Six positive substances) hence named as “Vaisheshika Darshana’”. Maharshi Kanada used to collect and eat Ahāra-kana (food particles), hence named as “Kanada”. He used to beg at nights like an owl and was also blessed by the Lord Shiva in the form of owl, hence it is named as “Aulukya Darshana”

Sankhya Darshan

The most notable proponent of Sankhya philosophy was Kapila, one of the great enlightened rishis. Sankhya Darshan is a philosophy to discover and understand the Truth of life. Kapila discerned 24 principles in the manifestation of the Universe. These principles are explained thoroughly in Sankhya Darshan.

Naishthiki Chikitsa

Naishthiki chikitsa

Ayurveda has always emphasized the importance of treating the mental aspects for complete relief. Accordingly various treatment modalities are mentioned to keep the patient’s mind healthy by maintaining the balance between the Manas Doshas. Satva, Rajas and Tamas are considered the Manas dosha amongst which one should aim at developing the Satva guna as it can help to keep our mind stable.

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