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Stress Management in Ayurveda

Stress is basic elements of various human diseases and mental illness. It is a term that refers to the sum of the physical, mental, and emotional strains or tensions on a person. Stress is the wear and tear our mind and body experiences as we attempt to cope with our continually changing environment. Stress is also called as anxiety, tension etc. Stress Management in Ayurveda has been explained using majorly shodhana chikitsa. Psychosocial stressor is defined as “any life event or life change that may be associated temporally (and perhaps causally) with the onset, occurrence, or exacerbation of a mental…

Vaman – Virechan ShuddhiGyan

जघन्यमध्यप्रवरे तु वेगाश्चत्वार इष्टा वमने षडष्टौ|| दशैव ते द्वित्रिगुणा विरेके प्रस्थस्तथा द्वित्रिचतुर्गुणश्च|पित्तान्तमिष्टं वमनं विरेकादर्धं कफान्तं च विरेकमाहुः|| द्वित्रान् सविट्कानपनीय वेगान्मेयं विरेके वमने तु पीतम्| (च.…

Sansarjan Krama

प्रधान, मध्य और अवर (हीन) शुद्धियों से शुद्ध हुआ मनुष्य पेया, विलेपी, अकृतयूष एवं कृतयूष (तड़का लगाया हुआ), अकृतमांसरस एवं कृतमांसरस – इनको तीन भोजन-समयों में, दो भोजन-समयों में और एक भोजन-समय में क्रमश: दे |

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