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Uttarayana as the name indicates it means ascent of the sun towards Uttara (North) direction. It is also called Aadana Kala as there is a reduction of strength in human beings and nature. As of modern science, it is called as Northern solstice.

Characteristics of Health

Desire for the intake of food, proper and easy digestion of the ingested food, evacuation of faeces, urine and flatus properly, lightness in the body, pleasantness in sense organs, proper timely sleep and awakening, gain of strength, life and pleasant mind and normal Agni are the features of health and opposite state is illness.

Importance of Swasthavritta

न जन्तुः कश्चिदमरः पृथिव्यां जायते क्वचित् | अतो मृत्युरनिवर्या स्यात्किन्तु रोगन्निवारयेत् | (शा.सं) Sharangdhara quotes, “No creature in the universe is immortal. It is impossible…

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