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Ahara Rasa

Living body is continuously subjected to wear and tear process. Dhatus needs constant nourishment. Nourishment of the body or dhatu depends upon the quality of food. Food is converted to body constituents by the process of digestion. Panchabhautika food which consists of all six rasas is able to nourish Panchabhautika body.

Roots of Strotas – Moolasthana

Moolasthanas are the sites of utpatti (formation) or vahana (transportation) of a particular substance to which the strotas belongs. They can also be the easiest sites for the examination of that strotas. Moolasthana of strotas controls all other organs related to that channel. Sometime the root of channel is the easiest one for its examination. Hence examination of the moolasthana is important for clinical examination.

Synonyms of ‘AYU’

शरीरेन्द्रियसत्वात्मसंयोगोधारि जीवितम् | नित्यागाश्चनुबन्धश्च पर्यायैरायुरुच्यते || (च.सू. १/४२) आयु के पर्याय – १. धारि – जो शरीर को सड़ने नहीं देता अर्थात शरीर को धारण…

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