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Concept of Strotas – Definition and Functions

The term ‘Strotas‘ means channel or system in which some tissue or other material is formed, secreted or transported.



स्त्त्रु स्त्रवणः ।

The word strotas is derived from the sanskrit dhatu – ‘stru‘. Meaning of ‘stru‘ is to secrete, to permeate, to flow. The structure through which substance is either secreted or circulated or transported is called as strotas

Strotas are innumerable but grossly there are 16 strotas in the body as follows –

  1. Pranavaha Strotas
  2. Annavaha Strotas
  3. Udakavaha Strotas
  4. Rasavaha Strotas
  5. Raktavaha Strotas
  6. Mamsavaha Strotas
  7. Medovaha Strotas
  8. Asthivaha Strotas
  9. Majjavaha Strotas
  10. Shukravaha Strotas
  11. Purishvaha Strotas
  12. Mutravaha Strotas
  13. Swedavaha Strotas
  14. Artavavaha Strotas
  15. Stanyavaha Strotas
  16. Manovaha Strotas

The following verses give information about colour, shape and structure of strotas.

खानि स्त्रोतन्सि ।

(डल्हन/सु.शा. ९/१०)

Those structures having ‘Kha‘ (Cavity or space) are called as Strotas.

स्वधातुसमवर्णांनी वृत्तस्थूलान्यणूनि च ।

स्त्रोतान्सि दीर्घाण्याकृत्या प्रतानसदृशानि च ।।

(च. वि. ५/२५)

Colour of strotas is similar to that of dhatus they carry. Strotas can be straight or tubular in shape, some are very small in size or some are be large in size.


मूलात्खादन्तरं देहे प्रसृतं त्वभिवाहि यत् ।

स्त्रोतस्तदिति विज्ञेयं सिराधमनिवर्जितम् ।।

(सु. शा. ९/१३)

Strotas can be defined as a structure whose moolsthana (root) has ‘kha‘ (cavity) in it and it is different than that of sira and dhamanis.


  1. Formation of dhatu takes place in strotas.
  2. Transportation of nutrients takes place in strotas.
  3. Transformation or metabolism occurs in strotas.
  4. Excretion of waste products is the main function of strotas.
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