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Ayurvedopedia is an initiative by a team of Ayurved doctors, PG Students, And UG Students to create a Best-In-Use tool for the students learning Ayurveda. Ayurvedant Healthcare manages Ayurvedopedia for all legal purposes, and Ayurvedopedia is a subsidiary organization of Ayurvedant Healthcare.

To make Ayurveda Learning more accessible, affordable, and interactive for upcoming Vaidya’s

Aim of Ayurvedopedia
  • Students learning Ayurveda in their Undergraduates and Postgraduates face many issues related to the non-availability of helpful study material across the internet. We aim to meet these requirements for all the Ayurveda learners at One Place – Ayurvedopedia. This project is a continuous one, which will involve the addition of the Latest Updated Data, Fulfilling students’ requests related to the study materials, and creating the best place for Ayurveda learners.
  • To create E-Books and all other study materials for free or minimal charges. These products will be updated regularly (monthly) and made errorless, so the students get everything at priority.
  • To make Ayurveda topics searchable on google by posting them as a blog post with search engine optimization so that ayurvedic topics become searchable for the upcoming Ayurveda learners.
  • To create various mobile applications based on Ayurveda Samhitas and Ayurveda Competitive Examination preparation for the students.
  • To build an Ayurveda exclusive news portal.
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