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Aaptopdesh Pramana in Research

Aaptopadesh, encompassing individuals, personalities, and written documents like Vedas and scientific journals, plays a crucial role in guiding research endeavors. The review of literature, akin to aaptopadesh, serves as the foundation for research, preventing duplication and providing a fundamental understanding of the research problem.

The Essence of Aapta

Aapta, or the precise speaker, possesses qualities such as freedom from mental impurities (raja and tama), knowledge of past, present, and future, and undoubtful wisdom. Aapta’s teachings are considered pramana, forming the universal truth.

Aaptopadesh in Modern Research

In the contemporary context, researches and scientific journals become aapta, guiding new researchers. Scientifically proven work serves as a reliable source for future studies, emphasizing the importance of acquiring existing knowledge and skills.

Ayurveda and Aaptopadesh Pramana

In Ayurveda, aaptopadesh is integral for Roga pariksha and Chikitsa. Ancient scriptures like Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita provide reliable knowledge for diagnosis and treatment. Despite some unclear concepts, research guided by aaptopadesh is essential to unravel and understand these aspects.

Evidences in Ayurvedic Formulations

Ayurvedic formulations, as mentioned in texts, serve as evidence of ancient research. Despite debates on evidence-based medicine, the efficacy of these formulations, backed by matra or pramana, remains undeniable. Aaptopadesh acts as a reliable source of existing knowledge, offering new ideas for research and contributing to the development of research methodology. In the pursuit of knowledge, researchers should continue to explore, guided by the wisdom passed down through aaptopadesh.

Importance of Aaptopdesh Pramana

  • In roga pariksha.
  • It becomes a base for Pratyaksha and Anumana Pramana.
  • Nidana, roopa and chikitsa of any disease is known by Aaptopadesha.
  • Without the knowledge of Aaptopadesha – pariksha or chikitsa is impossible.

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