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Features of Poisoned food

Features of poisoned food

In the Ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, Aacharya Vagbhata mentions the features of poisoned food which can be easily identified by common people.

ओदनो विषवान् सान्द्रो यात्यर्वास्त्राव्यतामिव ।
चिरेन पच्यते पक्वो भवेत्पयुर्षितोपम् ॥
मयूरकण्ठतुल्योष्मा मोहमूर्छाप्रसेककृत ।
ह्रीयते वर्णगन्धाधैः क्लिद्यते चन्द्रिकाचितः ॥
(अ.हृ.सू – ७/३-४)

  • The boiled rice, which is mixed with poison becomes thick and unable to flow out of the vessel.
  • Takes long time to cook.
  • Cooked ones become most (stable) very soon.
  • When thrown on fire emits flames resembling the colour of the pecock’s neck (Blue).
  • Produces delusion, fainting and excess salivation.
  • Looses quickly its colour, taste etc.
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