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Evidences of Researches in Ayurvedic classics

The Ayurveda is the ancient system of medicine whose antiquity goes back to Veda. Through Ayurveda has divine origin, it shows glimpse of research. Word research itself implicates the meaning search again and again, which reflects that research.
Research is continuous process and outcome of it should maintain gold standard throughout. It it is not so, it should change timely that is it must follow ‘Yuganurup Sandarbho’.

research in ayurveda

There are some examples of researches mentioned in ayurveda –

  1. Sharir Kriya – Entire process of digestion (sthoolpachana) has been divided into three stages known as Avasthapaka where time required for digestion ingested food and lakshana (symptoms0 developed during the process of digestion has been mentioned.
    Co-relation between Agni (digestive power) and digestion process (Annapachana) is described very well.
  2. Sharir Rachana – Number of bones (Asthi) are mentioned. Koshtasharir, Marmasharir is also described in Rachanavidnyana. Along with this Marmasthana, Marmaghatlakshana and their types are mentioned.
    Different organ with their anatomical description function is given in Rachana sharir in detail.
  3. Rasa Shastra – Numerous medical preparations (Bheshaja kalpana) like swarasa (for fresh juice), kwatha (decoction), awleha, malahar (ointment) etc have been described vividly. Today also medicine is prepare the following the same guidelines mentioned previously.
    Use of various minerals, gems (Ratna-Upratna) for medicine preparation is mentioned.
  4. Agadtantra – Sign and symptoms of scorpion bite (vrikschik damsha), snake bite (sarpa damsha) etc along with treatment is mentioned.
  5. Kayachikitsa – Numerous diseases their sign and symptoms, treatment aspect in well elaborated in our treaties which can be correlated with disease found today.
  6. Dravyaguna – Aahardravya (food items) gana (group of medicines) are mentioned. Various vishadravya are used as medicine judiciously.
  7. Shalyatantra – Yantra and Shastra mentioned by ayurveda are near about similar to today’s instruments with minor changes. Dahan karma is used to conduct previously. Today also in the form of cauterization it exists.
  8. Streeroga – Description regarding Raja, Artava etc. get matched with today’s modern Gynecology and Obstetrics. Contraceptive measures are still followed as mentioned by our ancient aacharyas.
  9. Shalakyatantra- Diseases of Eye, Ear are mentioned precisely in ayurveda which are still observed today.
    Example – Linganash (Cataract) Shastrakarma
  10. Panchkarma – To remove impure blood from our body, leech application, Vein section was conducted. Same principle is followed through bloodletting process.
  11. Swasthavritta – Pranayama yoga is described very well and is practiced today also by healthy people and diseased one.
  12. Balroga – Various balroga with their management is mentioned in our text. It is useful today also.
  13. Samhita – Various disorders with their names, types , sign and symptoms along with their treatment are mentioned which serves as guidelines today also. Types, properties of madhu (honey) and their effect (mode of action) on body is also described minutely.
    Panchdnyanendriya, Panchkarmendriya and Mana is elaborated very well in the text.
  14. Rog Nidan – Process of disease development through Shat Kriya Kala is mentioned in the text. Without any instruments the urine examination, stool examination, breast milk examination is described previously.
    Example – Mutra parikshan in Prameha

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