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Chandrodaya Rasa – Indications and Ingredients

Chandrodaya Rasa is a herbo-mineral formulation. Chandrodaya Rasa is described in Ayurved Saar Sangraha. It mainly contains Parada, Gandhaka, Vanga and Abhraka. This herbo-mineral formulation is profoundly used in oligospermia, generalized debility, anorexia, jirna jwara and other psychosocial diseases.


  • Shuddha Parada
  • Shuddha Gandhaka
  • Vanga Bhasma
  • Abhraka Bhasma
  • Jambir Nimba Swarasa
  • Ghrutkumari
  • Chitraka Swarasa


  • Prepare the kajjali of Parada and Gandhaka.
  • Add Vanga Bhasma and Abhraka Bhasma to it.
  • Mix it well and pestle it in the Jambir Nimbu Swarasa.
  • Pack it in the Earthen pots (Sharava samputa) and keep it in the Gaja Puta for 7 times.
  • After the puta’s, pestle it in Ghrutkumari Swarasa and Chitraka Swarasa.
  • Punch out tablets from the mixture.


2 Ratti – Upto 300 mg (Conversion based on standardized ayurvedic maan),

Anupana –
Jiraka Churna or Gud (Jaggery)
Jirna Jwara – Ghrutkumari Swarasa
Kaas, Shwaas – Triphala Kwatha
Unmaad – Giloy Kwatha
Dhanurvata -Dashmool Kwatha


  1. Vishama Jwara – Sometimes the vishama jwara stays for a long period of time, which leads to the debility in dosha and dushya. This leads to lack of immunity in the body, making the body susceptible to moreover infection. Their is prominent of Shukrakshaya, Mand-agni, Yellowing of body due to lesser Rasa and Rakta Dhatu. Chandrodaya Rasa helps to restore these elements, providing boost to the immunity.
  2. Hysteria – Repetitive Hysteric episodes leads to the weakness of the female patient. In such patients use of Chandrodaya Rasa stops these episodes and increases the strength.
  3. Dhanurvaata – The trauma in which their is injury to the patient or hemorrhage being the causative factor of the dhanurvaata. Such patients should be adviced with Chandroday Rasa. It acts as a blood clotting agent in these cases.
  4. As Rasayana – In patients with phycological disorders.
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